Benefits of XACT In-Vessel Organics Conversion

Pathogen and virus destruction are the foundations of our decomposition system. XACT In-Vessel Organics Conversion followsDischaerge from BioReactor the guidelines set down by the EPA to ensure pathogen and virus kill.

  1. The XACT BioReactor System has the fastest decomposition time—it can compost organic waste in as little as 4 days. Compare this to traditional methods that can take upwards of a year!

  2. Less manpower is required because the rotating vessel does all the work—one man can operate the entire process.
  3. The XACT BioReactor uses a very, very low horsepower electric motor to operate.
  4. The vessel is insulated which helps retain the high operating temperatures of 130°F+ (55°C+) required (this is the EPA standard for pathogen kill—3 days at 130°F). Because of the insulation, the XACT vessel does not need to be housed in a building, but the compost should be stored under cover.
  5. The process is natural and typically requires no added heat.
  6. Less land is required with the rotating drum because the decomposition process occurs within the vessel, and less feedstock piles are required because material is processed so fast.
  7. Site requirements are minimal because of the compact size of the system, and because what little condensates are present are completely captured.
  8. Fantastic compost is the result because changeable weather conditions are not a consideration, and all the factors needed for great decomposition are optimized and controlled. The resulting compost is clean, top-grade that will meet EPA standards. The compost is:
    1. Class A
    2. Stable
    3. Pathogen-free
    4. Insect larvae-free
    5. Odorless
    6. Weed seed-free
  9. Odor is a non-issue since the decomposition process occurs in the vessel and takes place very quickly.Plus, duct-work-composting-unitstockpiles of odorous waste are eliminated. Negative ventilation systems can draw off VOC’s and emissions and a biofilter can easily be added to the system if required.
  10. Weather concerns such as precipitation, temperature, humidity and wind chill are no longer factors affecting the process or rate of composting or the performance of the BioReactor. For periods of extreme weather conditions, an optional heater is available.
  11. Decomposition, the XACT System way, significantly reduces the volume of waste.
  12. Vectors, such as flies, rodents and birds, are drastically reduced because volatile organic material is completely decomposed.
  13. VOC’s and emissions are controlled.
  14. Producing Designer Compost is possible (compost with specific nutrient values).