About XACT Systems


XACT Systems began developing the In-Vessel Rotating Drum BioReactor several years ago as a result of the Compost stacked below the discharge conveyor of the BioReactorgrowing and tremendous challenge of handling huge volumes of solid organic waste in municipalities (biosolids, household waste, yard and leaf waste etc), on farms (manure, mortalities, litter), and in industry (processing wastes, grease trap waste, renderings and sludge etc). In addition, legislative demands placed upon communities to reduce dependency on landfills, divert organics from landfills, treat biosolids before they are land applied, and dispose of mortalities, renderings, manure etc in a more environmentally responsible way has increased the need for better solid organic waste management strategies.

XACT’s in-vessel, rotating drum BioReactor offers the best solution because it will meet the needs of your operation for a system that is fast and effective, has a low labor requirement, is built like a battle ship, requires very little land, controls odors and leachates, and kills pathogens and viruses. Its simple and robust design is durable yet affordable and significantly decomposes solid organics in as little as 4 to 7 days!


Compost stacked below the discharge conveyor of the BioReactor

XACT Systems markets the BioReactor throughout Canada, the USA and around the world and has over 35 years experience in material handling for industry and agriculture.

  • Professional engineers expert in vessel design, systems integration, and site planning
  • Manufacturers and Installers
  • Skilled expertise with in-vessel rotating drum equipment and processes
  • Extensive field experience
  • Certification by the University of Maine’s School of Composting

XACT Systems team offers municipal, commercial and agricultural operations accelerated solutions to successful solid organics conversion.


XACT Systems is honored to announce that it has been selected by Intecnial S.A. of Erechim, Brazil to become a new strategic partner in its commitment to providing economically viable solutions for organic waste management in Brazil and South America.

Intecnial S.A. is a diverse company with expertise and a proven track record in mechanical manufacturing and assembly toIntecnial logo electrical manufacturing and assembly. Intecnial’s professional team of 2500 serves a multitude of industrial and agricultural sectors including renewable energy.

The BioReactor by XACT will allow Intecnial to offer a sustainable solution to its clients who face the tremendous challenges of better solid organic waste management. The in-vessel rotating drum technology converts massive amounts of solid organic waste into quality compost within 4 to 7 days. Whether the organic waste comes from poultry farms, commercial processors, or municipalities, the BioReactor rapidly processes the material with little or no odor using very low horse power. Intecnial is confident that the robust design and engineering of the BioReactor composting system will enhance and add to their vision of being a part of the global “Going Green” initiative!


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Composting Council of Canada