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Eenee Designs / Kuver Designs Pty Ltd are the exclusive agent for Xact BioReactors in Australia.

After more than 20 years in the compostable nappy industry, and working with all forms of commercial composting around Australia, we finally came across a commercial In-Vessel Composting System which we think ticks all the boxes.

One of the biggest issue facing commercial composters is odour and how to control this if composting in locations close to populations.  With the growing populations and urban spread, along with shrinking landfill capacities, it is timely to find economic and viable solutions to meet our need to become more sustainable.

The Xact BioReactors, with its simple, efficient, economical but robust design provides an organics recycling system which can be confidently run in built up areas, reducing the need to transport organic waste long distances to be processed.  With the agitation of the organics, it overcomes issues faced by static pile processing, moisture loss is avoided which occurs with open air systems, bird, rodents and insects are kept at bay and there are no internal paddles to get tangled.  The very low horse powered drivers are the most economical set up we have seen, making this system affordable to not only install, but also to run.   

Please contact us by email or phone if you would like further information about the Xact In-Vessel Composting System in Australia.

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